Friday I’m in Rock: The Barbacans in concerto Venerdi 5 Aprile all’Urban di Perugia


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Dopo un tour cinese, un tour messicano e decine di tour europei siamo lieti di ospitare l’eccezionale garage band


The Barbacans are a garage band from Italy characterized by powerful Garage sounds,60s riffs, Fuzz and Farfisa. Produced by Boss Hoss Records Italy, The Barbacans recorded their first single “Phantom Opera – What’s Fantastic” in 2008 on a 7″ vinyl distributed by Godown Records.
In January 2009 The Barbacans recorded their first LP “God save the Fuzz” at the
famous Circo Perrotti Studio in Gijon, Spain. Produced by Boss Hoss Records Italy
and distributed by Godown Records, the album was released in April 2009 and earned positive reviews. In the following years, The Barbacans shared the stage with such influential bands as The Seeds, The Morlocks, The Trashmen and many others.
From the band’s history book: during a show in Urbino, a former police officer shot his rifle on the band hurting Primitive Guescio and Carnarelli. Sad story. The policeman did not go to jail.
In 2010 The Barbacans were invited to a super 7″ compilation with Thee Vicars (UK), Los Peyotes (Argentina) and Los Explosivos (Mexico) called “The Wildest Things in the World” (cover by Wild Evel – The Incredible Staggers!) produced by Boss Hoss Records Italy and distributed by Area Pirata.
After a second tour in Europe in 2011, the band played in Mexico and China during the first months of 2012, and they have a new European tour planned for autumn/winter of this year.
The Barbacans are also participating in a vinyl split with Los Infierno titled “Mafia al
Dente”, recorded at the Primitiv Studios in Mexico City and produced by Crunchy Lopez (Lost Acapulco) and in a vinyl compilation with three other bands from Russia, USA, and France released by Chickpea Records of New York City.



Visual by: Ink
Flyer by: Tommy
Turntable Lights : Marco Mando
Official T shirts : TABOO

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